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Mighty Towing’s Review of Top Towing Risks

Many of you have probably had the pleasure of having your car towed. Those of you who haven’t will probably need to at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if you’re a towing veteran or if it’s your very first time, there are several issues you should be aware of.

Equipment: you should verify that your towing company uses the proper towing equipment that best suits your towing needs. Make sure they don’t use regular towing equipment when trying to tow heavy machinery or trucks, for example. Verify that the towing equipment seems in good condition and that it’s not corroded or otherwise seems unfit for the task.

Safety above all: ask your service provider to make sure the towed vehicle is tightly secured to the towing truck so it won’t suffer any more damage along the way and so it won’t put others at risk.

Road behavior: major towing risks are related to reckless driving while towing and to turning, slowing down, or accelerating.

Your car’s tires: some towing techniques require for the towed vehicle’s tires to be undamaged and inflated to avoid uneven load balance or tipping over.

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